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ACS Presentation 2013

Written By: Babs Hogan

2013 American Cheese Society Conference in Madison, Wisconsin.

Mark Windt, M.D., Max McCalman, and Babs Hogan preparing for presentation.








Title:  “NEARER TO PERFECT” Babs Hogan, M.Ed., Health Professional
Mark R. Windt, M.D., Center for Asthma, Allergy, and Respiratory Disease
Moderator: Max McCalman, Artisanal CheeseSession description:Does anyone need convincing that cheese is good? Only the general public, it seems. The myths surrounding cheese continue to abound: that it is fattening, that it clogs arteries or adversely impacts our cholesterol levels, etc. This session will present new evidence that invalidate these myths and more. The latest research suggests that cheese is not just good, but one of nature’s most perfect foods. You’ll emerge with the all ammunition you need to convert the cheese-skeptic into a cheese-lover.

Evaluations were favorable.  70 out of 71 reported that they would like to hear more information on the topic at next year’s ACS Conference.

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Roxanne, Mark, Max, and Dan Hogan





































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