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Written By: Babs Hogan - Nov• 19•16

tgcm-bookThis book was a turning point for me.  I like the first sentence in Chapter 1 titled Why You Should Be Skeptical of Cholesterol as an Indicator of Heart Disease.  It reads “The two of us came together to write this book because we believe that you have been completely misled, misinformed, and in some cases, directly lied to about cholesterol.”  The authors contend that for decades, we’ve mistakenly blamed cholesterol and dietary fat for clogging our arteries.  So what causes heart disease?  Inflammation, oxidation, sugar, and stress.  They explain why and how in the following chapters.

Book title:  The Great Cholesterol Myth:  Why Lowering Your Cholesterol Won’t Prevent Heart Disease—And the Statin-Free Plan That Will
Authors:  Jonny Bowden, Ph.D., C.N.S. and Stephen Sinatra, M.D., F.A.C.C.  Published in 2012.


  1. Why You Should Be Skeptical of Cholesterol as an Indicator of Heart Disease
  2. Cholesterol Is Harmless
  3. Inflammation The True Cause of Heart Disease
  4. Sugar The Real Demon in the Diet
  5. The Truth about Fat Its Not What You Think
  6. The Statin Scam
  7. Help Your Heart with These Supplements
  8. Stress The Silent Killer
  9. Putting It All Together:  A Simple and Easy Blueprint for a Healthy Heartand Life

If you continue to follow the high-carbohydrate/ low-fat diet, I encourage you to read this book.  It is written in non-scientific terms, so everyone can understand it.  This valuable information was a “turning point” for me, but more specifically, it was a “180.”  It has changed my life in dramatic ways.  I hope it changes yours too.

BUY THE BOOK:  The price of the book is $15.80.  Worth every cent.

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