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Who is Babs Hogan?

Written By: Babs Hogan

For thirty years, I viewed cheese as unhealthy.  My belief was firmly grounded in decades of scientific research, health conferences, and nutrition courses.  As a health educator,  I encouraged clients and seminar audiences to avoid dietary fat, especially saturated fat.

Until recently, cheese was at the top of my list of foods to avoid.  Occasionally, I would try non-fat cheeses, but since they weren’t satisfying, I opted to avoid the extra calories.

With great zeal and confidence, I shared my blacklist of fat-filled, cholesterol-drenched, calorie-oozing food and due to my reputation as a credentialed, well-educated kinesiologist, people believed me.  I diligently followed the well-documented and popular approach to “healthy” nutrition.  I joined millions of Americans as we marched to the drumbeat of the low-fat, high-carbohydrate diet.

This was nutritional gospel etched in stone and it was wrong.  After being wrong for decades, I’m trying to make up for wasted time.

Why is this website important?  To share the good news about the bountiful nutrients found in high quality cheese and yogurt.  Millions of cheese-lovers are looking for a good reason to write it in capital letters at the top of the shopping list, just above milk and butter:  EAT MORE HIGH-QUALITY CHEESE & YOGURT…without guilt!

Recent research has unraveled the mystery and myths of dietary fats, cholesterol, and calories.  We’ve been misled by experts for over fifty years.  Unshackled from the chains of fat prison, we will experience freedom that only a few predicted.  As we embrace the truth about dietary fat, our new freedom will make us happier and healthier.

SUMMARY:  Babs is a recent convert and is now an enthusiastic cheese promoter.

Madison, Wisconsin:  2013 American Cheese Society Conference.  The panel: Mark Windt, MD, Max McCalman, and Babs Hogan.





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