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Cheese & Blood Pressure

No doubt, high-quality cheese provides many health benefits.  This study shows potential, not conclusion. Researchers: Crippa G, Zabzuni D, Bravi E, Cicognini FM, Bighi E,

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All About Vitamin K2 #3

THREE CATEGORIES OF VITAMIN K  Vitamin K1  Vitamin K2  Vitamin K3  (menadione)  This is a synthetic form of vitamin K that is not recommended. (WARNING: Don’t take

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Report On Vitamin K2 & Cheese #8

TITLE: Vitamin K2 Rich Food Products AUTHORS: Yasin, Butt, Zeb LINK: TABLE 7   TABLE 8 AUTHOR’S COMMENTS: Positive correlation was found in propionate

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Report On Vitamin K2 & Cheese #10

TITLE: Quantitative measurement of vitamin K2 (menaquinones) in various fermented dairy products using a reliable high-performance liquid chromatography method AUTHORS: Manoury, Jourdon, Boyaval, Fourcassie LINK:

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Report On Vitamin K2 & Cheese #7

TITLE: Determination of phylloquinone and menaquinones in food. Effect of food matrix on circulating vitamin K concentrations AUTHORS: J. Schurgers, C. Vermeer LINK: Haemostasis. 2000

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Report On Vitamin K2 & Yogurt #6

TITLE: Influence of bacteria on menaquinone concentrations in fermented dairy products.  (Master’s thesis) AUTHOR: Ivan Grant Hartling LINK:

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Report On Vitamin K2 & Cheese #5

TITLE: Chapter 4:  Menaquinones, Bacteria, and Foods: Vitamin K2 in the Diet AUTHORS: Barbara Walther and Magali Chollet LINK: THE ENTIRE BOOK: Biochemistry,

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Report On Vitamin K2 And Cheese #1

TITLE: Menaquinones, Bacteria, and the Food Supply: The Relevance of Dairy and Fermented Food Products to Vitamin K Requirements AUTHORS: Barbara Walther, J. Philip Karl,

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