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Month: June 2016

12 Interviews at ACS Conference 2015

At the 2015 American Cheese Society Conference in Providence, Rhode Island, I interviewed nine cheese professionals.  I asked “Is cheese healthy?”  Watch these videos to hear their answers. KENDALL RUSSELL: PT 1 PT 2 PT 3   MARK WINDT, MD AND ROXANNE BARNES PT 1 PT 2   MAX …

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Snacking in America

SNACKING IN AMERICA Ninety-four percent of American adults snack at least once a day, accounting for 580 extra calories consumed per day.  Comparing surveys from 1977 and 2006, researchers found that Americans increased the number of meals and snacks per day by 29 percent:  3.8 to 4.9 Americans consume 2,375 calories per day, which is one …

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Children Need Cheese

Children need cheese Many of you know that I wrote a book about childhood obesity in 2012.  This study was published later, so I didn’t cite it in the book.  I’m impressed with group four.  They consumed 72 percent fewer calories than group one and still felt full. CORNELL UNIVERSITY FOOD LAB, December 2012 About …

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